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about me


Hi, I am Christin. I work as an artist, designer & screen printer.

I work within the realm of tension, situated between the utopian visions of the digital realm and the tangible realities of human existence. My mission is to demystify the notion of the perfect copy, challenging computer-driven arbitrariness with a physicality shaped by the forces of decay.My journey began in the 2000s, as I pursued my education in Jena and Berlin, Germany. In 2012, I established my inaugural studio in Berlin Friedrichshain, where I concentrated on my craft, primarily focusing on paintings and prints. It was during this period that I had the privilege of learning the intricacies of screen printing from a true master of the profession. I am a member of the Berlin-based artist collective known as Stattlab, a vibrant community that brings together diverse styles and techniques, fostering creative growth and collaboration. In addition to my visual arts pursuits, I’ve also explored the realm of audiovisual experiences. As a part-time DJane and VJane, I delved into computer-generated visuals as early as 2012. In 2020 and 2021, I transitioned my accumulated experiences into the realm of native digital art, embarking on my first three blockchain projects under the pseudonym 0xTHISISCLICK. 


Workshops & Webdesign

In addition to my primary endeavors, I am actively involved in a variety of roles and activities. In 2014, I played a key role as a co-organizer for the Druck Berlin Festival. As a member of Stattlab, I shared my expertise on workshops at various Stattlab events. In 2015, I co-organized a series of substantial workshop events at Urban Spree. Over the past five years, I’ve been dedicated to refining my skills as a web designer. My most recent project, Frauenzentrum Guter Rat, provided me with the opportunity to create compelling digital experiences.


Latest Exhibitions

September 2023 - Build Station Berlin - group exhibition // August 2023 - SolSea Evergreens - group exhibition // Dezember 2022 -“Beyond the (Crypto) Winter” - group exhibition // September 2022 - analog vs. digital - solo VR exhibition on Solea

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