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about me

Analog vs. digital since 2012

Hi, I am Christin and I am working as an artist, designer & screen printer for over 10 years. 

You can see the Studio of Christin Penz.

Photographic self portrait of Christin Penz.

I started with digital visuals for my DJing events and got seriously into the visual arts in the early 2010s. In 2012, I opened up my studio in Berlin Friedrichshain, I learnt screen printing from on of the overlords of the profession – Dolly Demoratti and stayed with the arts ever since! As of 2018 I own my studio in Brandenburg, near Berlin.

A NFT artwork of Christin Penz.

Other Stuff

Workshops, Events & Webdesign

I also do a lot of other things: I  co-organisised Druck Berlin Festival 2014, I am a member of Stattlab, I do offer workshops, and did co-organise several bigger workshop events at Urban Spree in 2015. I am also working as a  web designer for over 5 years (latest project Atalante).

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