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the now.

When this is over, I’ll do something else, Or I will be gone. And what is left?


This is: the now. Mixtures of physical and digital parts.





The creative process is hard, and ugly, and sometimes not consistent. I do many things, and I also do pieces in editions. Mostly on or All works are mixtures of physical and digital parts. Real color, real Polaroids, real tape form the basis for further generative elements that are generated by machine.

Der kreative Prozess ist hart und hässlich und manchmal nicht konsistent. Ich mache viele Dinge, und ich mache auch Kunst in Editionen. Meistens auf oder Alle Arbeiten sind Mischungen aus physischen und digitalen Anteilen. Echte Farbe, echte Polaroids, echtes Tape bilden die Grundlage für weitere generative Elemente, die maschinell erzeugt werden.

R = 0
Why not.
Ghastly Ghost #1
Way IV
S = 1
Ghastly Ghost #2
This sky (II)
Way V
T = 1
This sky (I)
Way VI
way II
way I
way III
winter will be withered
much of earth

the breath
the breath
POLA LIGHT ## Secret
of my lameness
eyes that taught

POLA LIGHT ## Evermore
winter was again
the sun delights
when you look
I will not
winter is blooming
deeds that did
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