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Unfolding Sweetness

In the captivating world of contemporary art, the creation of a mesmerizing still life featuring vibrant roses embarked on a multi-stage production process, seamlessly blending the natural with the digital to give birth to a unique NFT masterpiece.

Stage 1: Real Roses
The journey began with the selection of the most exquisite real roses. Each petal and curve of these blooms held a story of nature’s beauty, ready to be immortalized in the digital realm.

Stage 2: Transforming Reality into Sketch
An artist’s keen eye captured the essence of these roses through sketches, with each stroke of the pencil breathing life into the still life. The tactile connection between the artist’s hand and the physical roses infused the sketches with an undeniable charm.

Stage 3: From Sketch to Digital Code
The magic of transformation continued as these delicate sketches were meticulously scanned and converted into digital code. The algorithm translated the artist’s vision into a language that machines could understand, creating a bridge between the analog and digital worlds.

Stage 4: Plotter Precision
The digital code was then transferred to a plotter, a mechanical artist of sorts. With remarkable precision, the plotter brought the roses to life once more, its robotic arm recreating the sketches on paper with a precision and accuracy that human hands could never match.

Stage 5: Scanning the Plotter’s Work
The physical manifestation of the roses’ journey was scanned once again, completing a full circle from the real roses to the digital realm and back. This scan would serve as a digital master, preserving the art’s essence for eternity.

Stage 6: The NFT Finale
With the final scan in hand, the artwork transcended into the world of NFTs, where it was minted and tokenized, giving art enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece of this extraordinary journey. The NFT not only captured the roses’ beauty but also the essence of their transformation from the tangible to the digital.

In this artistic odyssey, the colorful still life of roses seamlessly weaved together the organic and the digital, resulting in a breathtaking NFT that serves as a testament to the ever-evolving possibilities of art in the digital age. Each stage of this process imbued the artwork with a unique story, making it a true masterpiece of our time.

All Unfolded

16 pieces in total, all attributed under a commercial/reproduction license. Initial purchase price 3.5SOL.

Blushing Bride
Orange Crush
Apricot Delight
Midnight Romance
Red Velvet
Sweetheart Rose
Ruby Red
Golden Jubilee
Yellow Sunshine
Stellar Stamen
Golden Knock Out
White Wedding
Lavender Dreams
Red Blush
Iceberg Rose
Golden Paradise
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