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Don’t Hash && Dash

Say hello to “Don’t Hash && Dash” a mesmerizing journey through the fusion of technology, art, and blockchain. This captivating collection marks the final crescendo in a series of four visionary projects – Hash && Dash, Hash && Dash Origins, and Hash && Dot, each exploring the intersection of creativity and the decentralized world.

In a world where digital landscapes are continually evolving, artists have embarked on an exciting quest to harness the power of blockchain technology. “Don’t Hash && Dash” serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that emerge when the blockchain’s immutable ledger meets the boundless imagination of generative art.

As I unveil the pieces in this collection, you will witness a breathtaking synthesis of code and creativity. These artworks are more than mere images; they are living, evolving entities born from the infinite possibilities of algorithms. Every stroke of code breathes life into a canvas of pixels, resulting in dynamic visual experiences that challenge the traditional boundaries of art.

In my previous blockchain projects, I explored different facets of this revolutionary technology, delving into its potential to disrupt and innovate various industries. With “Don’t Hash && Dash”, I bring you the culmination of our journey, a celebration of art’s endless capacity for reinvention and a reflection on the ever-changing nature of blockchain ecosystems. While the earlier projects are Solana and Bitcoin-based, with this final episode I decided to move to an Ethereum Layer 2 – namely Arbitrum. And it’s probably also worth a note that this is the first self-minting experiences on a generative platform I created!


  • Mint supply is 500
  • 12hr free mint 2023/09/10
  • 0.005ETH (~EUR 7,62)
  • All code and output is CC0
  • Three properties have been built in: “Sections”, “Palletes”, and “Monochrome”
  • 3% artist royalties
  • Arbitrum-based

Display notes

  • [s]ave – Save a high-res (2400 x 3840 Pixel) png of your “Don’t Hash && Dash”

  • [l]oop – Toggle the “don’t animate” loop


Within the fascinating realm of self-minting, an intricate world of possibilities awaits minters and collectors alike. It’s essential to understand that a minting process is an art form in itself, governed by certain rules and parameters that shape the final masterpiece. In this creative journey, a mint is like a canvas, and it can host up to a maximum of three distinct sections, each offering a unique narrative and aesthetic dimension. These sections serve as windows into the artist’s imagination, allowing for the exploration of different themes, styles, or concepts within a single artwork. Furthermore, the color palette, a vital tool in the artist’s arsenal, can be divided into four distinct shades. This seemingly simple constraint opens the door to a myriad of possibilities, challenging artists to create striking compositions within these limitations. The interplay of these four colors can give birth to intricate and captivating visual stories that resonate with the viewer.

As the creative journey unfolds, there is an element of rarity that adds a layer of excitement to the experience. Among the many creations that emerge, there are some that stand out as truly exceptional – the super-rare monochromes. These are like rare gems in the world of minting, with only a 2 in 1000 chance of encountering them. Monochromes, with their minimalistic elegance, become coveted treasures that collectors cherish and covet, making the minting experience all the more exhilarating. In this world where art, technology, and rarity converge, the possibilities are boundless. Each minting endeavor is a unique exploration, where artists push the boundaries of creativity, collectors seek hidden gems, and enthusiasts revel in the ever-evolving tapestry of minted masterpieces. So, as you embark on your minting journey, remember that within the confines of three sections, four color palettes, and the occasional appearance of super-rare monochromes, there lies a universe of artistic expression and discovery waiting to be unveiled.

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