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Beyond Color

exploring the syntax of physical generation through various combinations translucent and fluorescent colors.


Based on a simple set of of shapes and colors, I created a process that attempts to translate the algorithmic aspects of computer generative art straight to physical paint and paper. I see this collection as a direct successor to Hash && Dash, extending the space of reallity being created from simple axioms. Using fixed canvas sizes, exactly three tools and fixed palette of 8 colors.

56 pieces

Beyond Color is a mix of translucent and fluorescent colors creating complex structures that can be divided into form, color and function. 8 weeks, 7 days, one piece of work every day! All hand-generated 56 different pieces try to create new forms and imply new functions despite limited colors, tools and methods. 

Every single pieces is based on physical work on paper, scanned in high resolution and made available exclusivly on the Solana blockchain. The vocabulary defined by shapes and colors translates directly into words and word combinations that describe my perception of the real world.

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