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my solo vr exhibition curated by solsea

analog vs. digital

Christin Penz’s fascination with the relationship between analog and digital world explored in our next exhibition!

“ANALOG vs. DIGITAL” Virtual NFT Exhibition by @christin.penz-

Thursday at 2PM UTC, only on SolSea!

Enjoy the artworks from 3 outstanding collections all in one exhibition!

Penz intends to demystify the myth of the perfect copy and oppose the computer-driven arbitrariness with a physique drawn by randomness and sometimes even decay.

As part-time DJane and VJane, Penz had early touch points with computer-generated visuals. In 2020 and 2021, she translated her experiences into native digital art with her first three blockchain projects under her pseudonym 0xTHISISCLICK”

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